Where to get Bitcoin and How to Pay your order with bitcoin ?

Currently, so many websites that offer exchange bitcoin with paypal, western union, bank transfer, webmoney, cash, skrill, perfect money, etc. We will try to guide you with some websites that offer bitcoin exchange. and this is one of them :

– Buy/Exchange bitcoin at

a. First step is SIGN UP at

b. Then Click GET BITCOIN ( you can choose with credit card or paypal ), put how much you want to buy bitcoin here.

c. After you get the coins, Withdraw / Send the coins ( total of your order + $7 for shipping fee ) to our wallet 15LUU6637JCSq9fKyE9xGbSK3iwmcJWpYD

d. Then Contact Us at with details ( product that you want to order, proof of transaction, your name and shipping address ). Thats all.

If you get Bitcoins from another website, then this is how to buy product from us with Bitcoin ?

1. First, you need to have bitcoin balance already in your account/wallet
2. Contact us at, let us know which product that you want to order, your name and shipping address
3. We will send amount of BTC that you need to send to our wallet, then you send bitcoin to our wallet 15LUU6637JCSq9fKyE9xGbSK3iwmcJWpYD
4. We will send your order using usps, and let you know the tracking number


* ( Payment Method : Credit/Debit Card, Western Union, Cash )

* Virwox ( payment method : paypal, credit/debit card, bank transfer, skrill )

* ( payment method : paypal, credit/debit card, bank transfer, skrill, western union, and more than 20+ )


Any Questions, Contact us at

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Bitcoin

  1. Hello!

    Is there other ways to make payment? I dont understand bitcoins =/

    Mvh Jessica

    1. hi Jessica,
      we can only accept bitcoin and western union at this time,

    2. Did u figure out a way ?

  2. hi dave,
    we can accept bitcoin, litecoin, and payza at this time
    thank you.

  3. How do I send money by western union

  4. do you still accept payza?

  5. How do you go about sending a western union I don’t umber stand the bitcoins

    1. Bitcoin is easy. Just follow the steps.
      There are so many places you can purchase bitcoin.

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